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The World-Famous Comedian Karim Duval Makes His Return to Casablanca with a Hilarious Performance of “Noss-Noss-Talgie”

On July 4th, the world-famous comedian and actor Karim Duval, who is known for his French-Moroccan-Chinese descent, is scheduled to perform his highly anticipated stand-up show, titled “Noss-Noss-Talgie,” in the bustling city of Casablanca.

Duval’s performance is a funny investigation of identity and belonging that delves into the compelling story of a man who left the house where he grew up twenty years ago but has never really gone.

Intriguingly, he is the personification of someone who fantasizes about Bouznika while basking in the sun in Miami, pines for the enticing aromas of “Kefta” while partaking in a vegan dining experience in Paris, and unconsciously changes the value of every purchase into Moroccan dirhams. According to a recent press release, the core of his comic repertoire is comprised of a colorful potpourri of elements from a variety of ethnic traditions.

Duval, who can fluently switch between his home languages of French and Darija, deftly weaves in a touch of his Chinese heritage to provide an original and invigorating viewpoint on our dynamically shifting world and the rich tapestry that is Morocco.

Duval was born in the picturesque city of Fez, but he moved to France when he was 18 years old in order to further his education. He possesses an unrivaled vantage point through which he attentively observes Moroccan society, and he does it by brilliantly reflecting it back to his audience through the humorous brilliance he possesses. His roots are rooted in a dynamic Franco-Moroccan heritage, and he also has a hint of Chinese lineage.

In spite of the fact that he initially planned to work in finance, Duval made the bold decision to give up everything when he was 30 years old and pursue his true passion for comedy. He did this by taking a leap of faith. His first concert, “Melting Pot,” was such a smashing success that it spurred him onward and reaffirmed his unyielding passion to his work.

This highly anticipated event will take place in Casablanca on the fourth of July at the famous “Studio des Arts Vivants,” and it will be meticulously planned by the esteemed production firm, “Top Event.” Get ready to be amazed by the hilarious prowess of Karim Duval as he enthralls audiences with his exceptional talent and intriguing stories.

Madiha Dakir

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