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Opening of the second largest Library nationwide

Marieme Ismaili Alaoui: Trainee Journalist

The media library, with its size and components, has officially become the second largest library at the national level, which was completed in the city of El-Ayoun, capital of the Moroccan Sahara.
It is noteworthy that this architectural gem will open its doors to students, researchers and the general public, and will enable the provision of a huge number of references and books in various literary, scientific and other disciplines, in response to the citizen’s academic and cultural orientations, and to guarantee his right to enjoy reading and seek knowledge, in addition to its contribution to strengthening the cultural affairs of the city. the eyes.
It should be noted that the El-Ayoun community has launched a call to enrich the library and to contribute citizens’ suggestions about various works and books that meet the needs, in line with the aspirations of those interested in cultural affairs.

It should be noted that the Media Library was inaugurated in the city of El-Ayoun last week, and a budget of 86,600,000 dirhams was allocated for its completion, within the framework of the activities commemorating the twenty-fourth anniversary of the accession of His Majesty the King. Muhammad the Sixth.

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