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Imagro Services Expands Export Finance Operations into Morocco, Fortifying Global Presence

Hind Sidane

Imagro Services, the Italian global organization headquartered in Milano, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Export Finance business unit into Morocco. Renowned for its international operations, Imagro Services collaborates with global corporations across diverse sectors such as home appliances, electro-mechanics, construction, raw materials, automotive, lighting, and design.

Imagro Services’ enduring collaboration with SACE, the governmental Italian Export Credit Agency, has been a cornerstone of its success. This partnership allows Imagro Services to leverage SACE’s expertise, providing to the Moroccan buyers all the financial instruments the Italian government puts in place to support their purchases, ensuring the resilience and prosperity of businesses in the ever-evolving global market.

Under the leadership of CEO Massimo Pollio, Imagro Services boasts a dedicated team of professionals specialized in various fields, committed to problem-solving and contributing to the success of their partners. The organization’s core activities include global sourcing, advanced logistics, supply chain management, export finance, consulting, infrastructure, industrialization, new technologies, and energy-saving.

Mr. Massimo Pollio emphasizes Imagro’s unique business model, stating, “We act as a solution provider, spanning the complete chain from advising the best suppliers, R&D, and buying activities, to logistics and financial support. We search for the most suitable component or machine for our clients, purchasing the product on their behalf once identified.”

The strategic decision to extend Export Finance operations to Morocco aligns with Imagro’s commitment to fostering sustainable business practices and supporting economic growth in the region. Recognizing Morocco’s potential as a dynamic market, Imagro Services aims to provide innovative supply chain solutions, empowering businesses in the country. Mme Hind Sidane, Head of Export Finance shared her enthusiasm for the expansion, noting, “This strategic move reflects Imagro’s unwavering dedication to sustainable business practices and contributes to Morocco’s economic prosperity, with a particular emphasis on fostering business empowerment in the country.”

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