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Dalal Elghazzali shines in the Moroccan Ramadan race for the year 2023

The Moroccan artist and Tv presenter, Dalal Elghazzali, caught the attention of Moroccan viewers during Ramadan by participating in the drama series ‘Mal Al Donia’, which airs on MBC5 and the “Shahid” platform.

Miss arab and miss world next top model 2017 stole the hearts of the audience during the serie “Mal Al Donia” in which she played the role of “Nada” due to her sincerity and ability to embody and master various roles, which left strong and positive echoes among the audience through various social media platforms. The beautiful actress of the Moroccan Tv , as the audience calls her, shares the lead role in the serie “Mal Al Donia ” with a constellation of Moroccan stars such as Rashid Al-Wali, Mouhcine Malzi, Nasser Aqbab, Houda Majd, Donbigg and others. The serie is directed by Ahmed Aksas and produced by Cedars Art Production, while the production is executed by “Sigma”.

The appearance of the artist Dalal Elghazzali in the role of “Nada” is considered a qualitative addition to her professional experience, which is filled with many roles in the field of acting. The artistic repertoire of Dalal Elghazzali is filled with many distinguished roles in which she participated in the largest Moroccan productions and series that have achieved great success, such as her participation in the series “Salamat Abou Lbanat” in its fourth season, the serie “Wlad El A’am” in its second season, and the serie “Hayat”, in addition to presenting a TV program entitled “Malh wa Sokkar”.

The brilliance of Dalal Elghazzali in the serie ‘Mal Al Donia’ and her different role caught the attention of many producers for her, and she received many offers and scenarios, including a new serie in which she will participate as a lead actress after Ramadan and will be broadcasted on MBC5. Dalal is also preparing a television program with a new idea that will be a surprise for her audience. “Mal Al Donia” is a drama serie that tells the story of Rashid, who tries to save his project in which he invested all his savings. Therefore, he takes a partner, not realizing that this cooperation will open the doors of hell for him…”

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