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Administration of Tiflet 2 Local Prison Denies Allegations of Father of Detainee (O.R) on State of Health of His Son

The administration of the local prison of Tiflet 2 has denied the allegations published by the father of the detainee (O.R) concerning the circumstances under which he suffered a fracture in his arm, specifying that the person concerned fractured himself while engaging in a game of arm wrestling with one of the inmates in the cell.

In a clarification, the prison stated that the inmate’s father had questioned the circumstances under which his son had suffered the fracture, despite the fact that the latter had personally informed him of it during his visit to the hospital, with the authorization of the prison administration.

The same version was confirmed by the prisoner in response to a question from the medical staff who attended to his condition, according to the prison.

According to the same source, the detainee’s father published these false allegations in collaboration and blatant connivance with the organization “Reporters Without Borders”, which also relayed an erroneous and tendentious tweet on the subject, true to its habit of being biased against the Kingdom’s institutions.

The local prison administration further reported that since his son’s arrest on charges of rape and spying for foreign organizations, the person in question has made a habit of spewing venom against the state and its institutions, promoting lies and misinformation and boasting of his links with foreign organizations.

The same source stressed that since his son’s arrest, the father in question has been intent on profiting from the affair by spreading gratuitous false allegations serving the subversive agendas of organizations known for their hostility to Morocco.

As soon as it was informed of the incident, the prison administration underlined that it had transferred the inmate to hospital to undergo the necessary medical examinations and surgery on his arm.

Contrary to the prisoner’s father’s allegations that the general Delegation had not informed him of his son’s condition, the institution’s administration had taken the initiative to inform him and had also authorized him to visit his son in hospital as stipulated by law in such situations, without any discrimination or negligence whatsoever, the same source added.

The administration has informed the relevant public prosecutor’s office of the incident, which has ordered the judicial police to open an investigation into the matter, the clarification pointed out.

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