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OPPO launches ColorOS 14 Global Version, Featuring Smart and Smooth Experiences

Marking the milestone of the 10th anniversary of OPPO ColorOS, the brand-new ColorOS 14 based on Android 14 introduces an optimized Aquamorphic Design, AI-powered smart features, ultra-smooth performance, and easy-to-use tool for safety and privacy.

OPPO today officially unveiled the ColorOS 14 Global Version. As one of the first operating systems based on Android 14, ColorOS 14 introduces an optimized Aquamorphic Design, AI-powered smart features for improved efficiency, upgraded self-developed technology to offer ultra-smooth performance, and easy-to-use tools for safety and privacy protection. Since the launch of ColorOS in 2013, ColorOS has more than 600 million global monthly active users today, enriching lives for users globally through smarter and smoother experience.

ColorOS 14 Smart & Smooth
More concise and intuitive UI with optimized Aquamorphic Design
Inspired by water, OPPO introduced users with the new design language in ColorOS 13, Aquamorphic Design, which established a harmonious connection between humans and technology. Built upon the awarded ColorOS 13, ColorOS 14 optimized Aquamorphic Design with new sound effects, color systems, interactions, and more, making smartphone experience more concise and intuitive.

Aqua Dynamics
Regarding the award-winning Always-On Display named Homeland which depicts powerful scenes of wild animals in nature, ColorOS 14 continues to enhance this feature by introducing a new GO Green Always-On Display to raise awareness about climate change and environmental protection, aligning with OPPO’s belief in “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World.”

Smart Touch
The new File Dock on the Smart Sidebar allows users to share content across apps more easily through split-screen, floating windows, or the Dock itself. Content can be stored automatically in the File Dock and can be synced across different devices like smartphones and tablets to boost productivity 3.

Smart Image Matting
Smart Image Matting is a feature that allows users to crop multiple subjects such as people, animals, from a paused image or video – a first for smartphones. Users can use the cut-outs in the File Doc and in split-screen mode, as well as share them with friends or use the cut-outs to personalize a wallpaper or poster.

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