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Nominations for the Moroccan Book Award are still open

Marieme Ismaili Alaoui: Trained journalist

The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication organized the 54th session of the Moroccan Book Award for the year 2023, and invited those wishing to participate in this award to submit their nominations in the form of two stages, no later than August 8.
According to the communication, the door to nomination for the award is open to Moroccan writers, poets, critics, researchers, philosophers, and translators of books issued in its first edition in 2022. The permitted languages ​​include Arabic, Amazigh, Hassani expression, or any foreign language.

As long as it has been legitimately deposited in the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, the award is available to Moroccans both inside and outside of Morocco.

It is mentioned that those who have previously won the award will not be accepted until 3 years have passed since the year in which they received it.

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