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New research initiative to support the sustainability and resilience of Morocco’s healthcare system launches today

Today the Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience (PHSSR), in collaboration with African Global Health (AGH) has initiated a research initiative to review the sustainability and resilience of the health system in Morocco.

Globally, health systems are struggling with comparable challenges, including in Morocco. Issues related to workforce shortages and staff burn out, increased service demand due to ageing and growing populations and increases in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), alongside economic pressures and climate disasters, have overstretched systems, leaving them vulnerable and ill-equipped to respond to future needs. While it is impossible to prevent all issues, maximum efforts should be taken to ensure that health systems are able to continually function effectively over the long-term, whilst also being able to better prepare for, adapt to, learn, transform and recover from shocks and accumulated stresses.

This new research project is grounded in a robust methodology, using a framework developed by the London School of Economics. It aims to identify the strengths, potential weaknesses, opportunities, and risks of a country’s healthcare system. The framework will assess the country’s health system across seven core domains; health system governance, financing, workforce, medicines and technology, service delivery, population health, and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Imene Kendili, President of African Global Health, said “We hope this research will help us better understand Morocco challenges and thereby develop tailored recommendations on how we can build a truly sustainable and resilient health system in alignment with the current plans to reform the Kingdom’s healthcare led by His Majesty’s vision to extend medical coverage to the whole population.”

Established in 2020 by the London School of Economics, the World Economic Forum, and AstraZeneca, the PHSSR is a non-profit, global collaboration between academic, non-governmental, life sciences, healthcare and business organisations with a unified goal to improve global health by building more sustainable and resilient health systems for the future. Each organisation brings unique capabilities and networks to the partnership and contributes in a way that leverages its strengths.

Rami Scandar, Country President, Near East and Maghreb, AstraZeneca, said, “Multi-sector and public-private partnerships can provide effective and speedy solutions to strengthen health system sustainability and resilience. The PHSSR research is the starting point to facilitate this change but how the research is used is critical to making a difference.”

Active in more than 30 countries worldwide, the PHSSR and its member organisations seek to build knowledge through robust research, guide action through evidence-informed policy recommendations, and facilitate global, multi-sector collaboration and partnership to collectively facilitate policy implementation to future proof health systems.

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