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Morocco’s Air Traffic Expected to Reach 27 Million Passengers by 2024, Report Says

According to a report accompanying next year’s Finance Bill (PLF-2024) from the Public Establishments and Enterprises (EEP), air traffic is expected to soar to 27 million passengers in 2024.

The report, which has been published on the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s website, indicates that between 2024 and 2026, air traffic is projected to experience an estimated average annual growth rate of 6.4%, reaching 31 million passengers in 2026.

Additionally, the report reveals that the investment program of the National Airports Office (ONDA) is estimated to be approximately MAD 3.12 billion in 2024, MAD 2.63 billion in 2025, and MAD 2.92 billion in 2026.

This significant funding will primarily be allocated to expanding the airport capacities in various Moroccan cities, including Casablanca, Rabat-Salé, Marrakech, Agadir, Tetouan, Tangier, and Al Hoceima.

In terms of the airport sector’s outlook, there are plans to establish a new institutional and organizational model. This model aims to transform ONDA into a joint-stock company with the goal of enhancing its management autonomy and creating favorable conditions to accelerate sector development by involving private sector participation. This involves commercial activity subdivision and the implementation of partnership operations.

Looking at the 2023 year-end projections, ONDA’s revenues are anticipated to reach MAD 4.51 billion dirhams, a 16% increase compared to 2022. The net profit is expected to amount to MAD 473 million, with investments totaling MAD 1.65 billion.

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