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Manal and Ghali’s Cultural Fusion Unveiled in Emotional Single ‘Baba’

Casablanca – In a poignant musical collaboration, Moroccan pop sensation Manal has recently unveiled her latest single, “Baba,” featuring the distinctive talents of Italian-Tunisian rapper Ghali. The emotionally charged track stands as the second release from Manal’s forthcoming album, “Arabian Heartbreak,” the official launch date of which remains shrouded in anticipation.

“Baba” serves as a touching homage from Manal to her departed father, encapsulating the profound influence he continues to exert on her journey toward becoming a resilient and empowered woman. Through poignant verses, Manal shares the narrative of a woman navigating the ebb and flow of life, clinging to hope and drawing strength from an unwavering faith in God, the course of destiny, and the depths of her own heart.

In a visually stunning music video directed by Farid Malkin, traditional Moroccan elements seamlessly intertwine with Manal’s distinctive and captivating aesthetic, previously showcased in her chart-topping track “Morak.” The video artfully incorporates Moroccan staples like sfinj pastries, msemen bread, mint tea, and intricately embroidered carpets, offering a sensory celebration of the singer’s cultural heritage.

The collaboration with Italian-Tunisian luminary Ghali emerged from Manal’s deep admiration for his artistic prowess. Hailing from a culture that resonates strongly with Morocco’s own, Ghali’s involvement in “Baba” adds a layer of cultural synergy that enriches the tapestry of the North African musical landscape. Reflecting on their collaboration, Manal shared, “We’ve been in conversation for a while, and I showed him the song during his visit to Morocco, envisioning that he would be the perfect complement to the artistic vision I’m crafting.”

For Ghali, the opportunity to delve into his Tunisian heritage and culture while residing in Italy provided a profound connection to the project. The collaborative effort between these two North African artists emerges as a moving celebration of their shared roots, weaving together a cross-cultural narrative that resonates with authenticity and artistic finesse.

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