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France should understand that Morocco is a free, democratic, and diverse country

Naoufal.EL Hammoumi

France must review the misconceptions it adopts with respect to Morocco. The colonial history of France clouds its judgement vis-à-vis its former colony, thinking it still can control its public policies, ignore its sovereignty, influence, and blackmail its leadership. France should understand that Morocco is a free, democratic, and diverse country. The Morocco of yesterday is not the Morocco of today. The great people of Morocco can criticize the country’s affairs publicly, but reject any interference or guardianship by any country, whoever it may be. Morocco has cultivated its partnership across the world, formed several strategic allies, and continues to flourish with a great aura based on a culture of tolerance and responsibility. Morocco will not accept foreign interference nor colonial guardianship at any time. France should burry the defunct idea that it can influence Morocco’s stances through French funded media apparatus and others it uses to influence public opinion and blackmail institutions. France should know that these have no more impact on society. Moroccans are aware of the influence by those who secretly or openly work for France even among some of those calling themselves politicians but still harbor loyalty to colonial thoughts.
France must change its approach towards Morocco. It must realize that it is speaking and dealing with a large regional power that has sovereignty, independence, and sanctities that France must respect. France must also emerge from the ambiguity of its stance towards the Sahara, by recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over its land and territories, and respecting Morocco’s territorial integrity. Every Moroccan citizen, including children, knows that France has a major role in the
problems and crises that Morocco has lived through, including border problems.
Moroccan citizens are aware that France is using Algeria as a stick to try to blackmail Morocco and hamper the latter’s capacity when it comes to diversifying its partnerships with other countries. Any politician, expert, analyst, or observer of the situation is sure that the military regime in Algeria is appointed by France. The irony is that France, who claims to support freedom and democracy, used its government-funded media and civil society to direct criticism towards Morocco while turning a blind eye on the dictatorship of Algerian military regime that continues to silence Algerian people, oppresses political freedoms including freedom of expression, preventing that country from getting democracy. France, in cooperation with Algeria, backed many arrests of Algerian civil society and human rights activists. It also supports a tyrant who is loyal to the generals of the Algerian army. That same regime is responsible for interfering in Tunisia to prevent Tunisian people from building up democracy and freedom that they aspired to. It is well known that France is interfering to prevent freedoms and democracy in Morocco as well and is trying to undermine the country’s democratic achievements.
France is experiencing a major crisis in Africa. Through my experience in humanitarian work with international organizations supporting several African countries, I spent a year and a half on the Rwandan-Congolese border. I became aware of France’s role in the genocide crimes in Rwanda, and her role in supporting militias in the Democratic Congo. France is suffering in Africa because of Macron’s policies, which I qualify as ‘Politics of Condescension’. He believes that he is the de facto ruler of his former colonies. He ignores that these countries obtained their independence a long time ago thanks to the strive of their people, and that they can manage their countries on their own. In times of crisis and natural disaster, the least that people need is a foreign colonial outlook that imposes conditions on any developing country before rescue or assistance can come in. The solidarity of Moroccan people during the recent earthquake should have served as a humility lesson for France in lieu of lecturing Moroccans what they should think about France, who can no more fool nor hide the truth about her imperialist vision. I hope by now, French politicians’ awareness of the following is crystal clear: Morocco is not the weak country that France paints in her imagination. Everyone remembers France’s arrogant stance towards Morocco back during Covid days when France believed that Morocco was a weak country unable to acquire vaccines. They began to interfere in Morocco’s health policies and question its health plans. They did not send Morocco any vaccine doses and wanted to impose conditions on Morocco to comply with French policy. What France ignored at the time is that Moroccans, by large, are united and have confidence in the political leadership of the country. We also have diversified our partners. Therefore, we were able to bring vaccines from various parts of the world, from China, India, and the United States. To the shocking disbelief of France, Morocco also began to manufacture Covid vaccines. And why not? Morocco has great people with talents and a deeply rooted culture where solidarity is the basis. This has shown once again during the devastating earthquake in Al Haouz Province, which left nearly 3,000 martyrs and more than 5,000 injured in a difficult situation.
In those difficult and frightening moments that our country witnessed, wonderful stories showing the spirit of humanity and the culture of solidarity emerged widely, proving once again the strength and resilience of Moroccans in face of natural disaster. Morocco has shown that Moroccan people can turn into a mobilized popular movement able to organize its rescue relief from the people to the people. We witnessed individuals offering help to others without hesitation, and we saw spontaneous gatherings in the streets, where people shared resources and food. They even tried to provide psychological support to each other. Queues at blood donation centers were another example of care and solidarity. In all cities of Morocco, we broke world records by donating blood. This reminds us that humanity has no boundaries. Everyone came together to help those in dire need. We saw young people organizing volunteer teams to search for missing people under the rubble, and hospitals receiving the injured and providing the necessary medical care urgently. The government also coordinated with the concerned authorities to provide support and relief to those affected as quickly as possible. This wonderful solidarity reflects the spirit of unity and togetherness in the face of difficulties and reminds us of the importance of always being ready to help in difficult times. These moments highlight the strong human spirit and optimism for a better future, where we can help each other and overcome challenges together.
France felt jealous. She felt like she was losing Morocco especially after the latter agreed to the arrival of rescue teams from Britain, Spain, the Emirates and Qatar. It was interesting to see how France expressed that Morocco must officially ask it for assistance in earthquake relief, wrongly thinking of it as an orphan child who should ask for help, thus opening the grounds to France for imposing her conditions. But Morocco did not cross them and did not care. France used powerful advertising means in its media to blackmail Morocco. But I found that Moroccan people did not care about France’s media manipulation. When the mission failed, Macron came with his self-humiliating video where he tried courting Moroccans and addressed them directly. He said he was ready to help and support. But the video backfired and had the opposite effect – making him the subject of Moroccan’s humor and criticism. To avoid such a pitfall, France must realize that yesterday’s Morocco is not today’s Morocco. We are a great nation with great people whose impact has touched all over the world, including in France. The latter should revisit its history and learn to deal with independent nations for who they are: As free people. France should interact with them as a friend, as a partner and as a human being. Therefore when offering help, do it with humility in total respect for their sovereignty, for real, and not from a politically arrogant perspective!

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