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Direct Social Assistance Program, ‘Major Turning Point’ in Social Reform Process (Official)

The direct social assistance program marks “a major turning point” in the Kingdom’s social reform, said, on Thursday, Minister Delegate for Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas.

Baitas, who was answering questions at a press briefing following the meeting of the Government Council, said that the implementation of the direct social assistance program testifies to the government’s determination to press ahead with the implementation of the fundamental pillars of the social state, noting that “the social state is not a slogan, but rather a reality that is reflected in the health, education, employment and financing sectors, as well as in the social protection project launched by HM the King”.

He stressed that social assistance “represents an important turning point in public action and public policy, under the impetus of His Majesty the King”, noting that this important project concerns all Moroccans and requires the contribution of all stakeholders.

After recalling the efforts made to consolidate the social protection system and the progress made in sectoral reforms, notably in health, access to housing and employment, he pointed out that the government’s action with regard to the social state is now based on a horizontal rather than vertical approach.

“The government is working to lay the foundations for restructuring the operating mechanisms of social solidarity systems, based on protection and dignity for all”, he stressed, noting that direct aid is not linked solely to targeted categories, but will also enable the social security network to be generalized, by integrating people in precarious situations into the traditional and regular social security network.

Baitas underlined that the basic compulsory health insurance scheme for people unable to pay the “AMO Solidarité” subscription fee currently has around 10 million beneficiaries.

He also pointed out that implementation of the social assistance project will require a budget of 25 billion dirhams over the course of 2024, stressing that payment of benefits will begin towards the end of the current year.

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