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DeFacto Unveils White Friday Promotions for Fashion Enthusiasts

As the holiday season approaches, DeFacto, the leading Turkish fashion brand, is excited to announce its White Friday promotions, a much-anticipated event for fashion enthusiasts. From November 17th to 26th, shoppers are invited to indulge in an exclusive shopping experience with significant discounts available both online and in-store.
This season, DeFacto is enhancing the shopping experience across all platforms. On their online storefront, customers can expect up to 70% discounts on a wide array of fashion items. This online sale is designed to cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring that every shopper finds the perfect addition to their wardrobe.
In addition, DeFacto’s brick-and-mortar stores complement the online excitement with their own enticing offer: buy 3 items and only pay for 2. This in-store promotion is an excellent opportunity for customers to explore DeFacto’s fashion offerings in person, providing them with a chance to experience the brand’s commitment to quality and style firsthand, and to update their wardrobe with the season’s latest trends.

DeFacto is recognized for blending modern style with practicality, and this White Friday, the brand takes a step further by not just offering clothes, but introducing a lifestyle change at irresistible prices. The event is not just a shopping opportunity; it’s an invitation to embrace a fashion-forward, sustainable lifestyle. It represents DeFacto’s innovative approach to retail, seamlessly blending online and in-store experiences.

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