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Corps Africa’s Pitch Day Showcases Volunteer-Led Projects and Cultivates Philanthropic Culture Across Morocco and Africa

Signing of a cooperation agreement between Mr. Omar Al-Ghafourah, President of the Corps Africa Association in Morocco, and Mr. Mohamed Shadi, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Economics at Hassan II University in Mohammedia, to enhance academic and community collaboration and develop charitable projects in Morocco.

Casablanca, Morocco – [22-2024] – CorpsAfrica, a pioneering association committed to promoting social entrepreneurship and community development across Africa,
proudly announces its inaugural Pitch Day event. Set to take place at the esteemed Onomo Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco on May 22, this momentous occasion celebrates the resilience and remarkable contributions of CorpsAfrica’s volunteers, while also driving forward impactful initiatives in Morocco and beyond.

CorpsAfrica, established in 2013, is a Moroccan association dedicated to promoting social entrepreneurship across Africa. Engaging young African volunteers, aged 20 to 30, in year-long service projects addressing various community needs, the organization emphasizes rigorous screening and training.

Pitch Day, inspired by Shark Tank, is a CorpsAfrica/Maroc initiative aimed at catalyzing positive change in rural communities through grassroots efforts. This event, a cornerstone of CorpsAfrica’s commitment to empowerment, serves multifaceted
purposes. With an attendance of 100 distinguished guests, including influential leaders, potential donors, and enthusiastic supporters, Pitch Day not only seeks to fund

volunteer projects but also introduces CorpsAfrica and its volunteers to expansive networks.

The cornerstone of Pitch Day lay in empowering CorpsAfrica volunteers to directly pitch their project proposals to local businesses and potential donors. Through this dynamic exchange, volunteers had the opportunity to showcase their projects’ significance and impact, forging critical partnerships and securing essential resources to drive their initiatives forward.

In this edition, 7 volunteers were evaluated by a panel of notable judges, composed of respected individuals with experience and a keen interest in collaborating with NGOs and similar organizations. These judges brought expertise and genuine enthusiasm for driving social change. Each volunteer’s project underwent thorough evaluation to gauge its potential impact. The volunteer whose project displayed outstanding merit and ingenuity was rewarded, while others were acknowledged for their commendable contributions to community betterment.

Here is an overview of few of the impactful projects presented at Pitch Day 3rd edition:
● Project 1: Jawad Er-rachdi’s Road Repairing in Id Aissa Village aimed to improve road conditions, enhancing connectivity, access to services, economic
opportunities, and social cohesion.
● Project 2: Soukaina Koumani and Sande Belmqadem’s Agricultural Cooperative in Anbdour Village focused on revitalizing the economy through cost-effective feed production, promoting local sales, and ensuring economic sustainability.

● Project 3: Nadia Benaoui and Mariama Ba’s Sustainable Agriculture in Outaghri Village addressed water distribution challenges, ensuring efficient irrigation, revitalizing lands, enhancing productivity, and preserving the local ecosystem.
● Project 4: Fatima Zoubair and Ez-zahra Ait Bouzid’s TIFAWT Space project in IDSSYAR & AIT ZITOUN village empowered women through literacy, skill development, and entrepreneurship programs.
In addition to project presentations, Pitch Day featured engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and interactive sessions aimed at inspiring individuals to join the volunteering program and become agents of change in their communities.

Among the notable guests were prominent figures, representatives from Local community and industry leaders and esteemed judges including Mr. Zouheir Lakhdissi, Mme Siham Malek, Mme Rabia El Alama, Mr. Imad Boulabat, Mr. Nabil Jadri , and Dr. F.
H. Benzakour.