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British Parliamentarians Support Moroccan Autonomy Plan for the Sahara: A Bipartisan Call to Lord Cameron

On May 23, 2024, a letter signed by more than 30 UK parliamentarians and peers, led by the Honorable Sir Liam Fox MP, was addressed to the Honorable Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, Secretary of State for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, to express their support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the only viable, serious, and realistic solution to the Sahara conflict.

In the letter, the parliamentarians highlight the importance of strengthening alliances with stable nations that share similar values to promote regional stability and international security. In this regard, Morocco is considered a strategic ally in North Africa, essential for facing global challenges such as terrorism and extremism, exacerbated by conflicts in the Middle East and growing instability in the Sahel.

The Moroccan Sahara is seen as a region with enormous potential for progress and stability. However, the signatories warn that this opportunity could be compromised if the issue is not resolved quickly and pragmatically. They highlight Morocco’s efforts to foster regional security and stability, as well as its contributions to peace and prosperity in Africa and the Middle East.

The letter underscores the potential of the Moroccan Sahara to enhance energy opportunities, secure supply chains, and open new markets. Strategic infrastructure developments like the port of Dakhla are mentioned, emphasizing the economic and geopolitical importance of the region. The parliamentarians urge the support of British financial institutions such as UKEF and BII, following the example of countries like the United States and France, which have already adopted this stance.

The parliamentarians share their experiences and observations after visiting Morocco and the Moroccan Sahara, where they engaged with local leaders, civil society representatives, and human rights organizations. Their perspectives are reinforced by respected academics such as Professor Marc Weller from the University of Cambridge, who advocates for proactive support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan within the framework of international law.

The Autonomy Plan proposed by Morocco for the Sahara, balanced with respect for local traditions and democratic aspirations, is considered a viable path to lasting peace and stability. With the support of more than 80 countries, the initiative is seen as the most practical and pragmatic solution for the region. The signatories urge the United Kingdom to support this initiative, following the example of its major allies and avoiding perpetuating a harmful status quo.

The letter concludes with a call to action, highlighting the unique opportunity presented by the upcoming UK-Morocco strategic dialogue to redefine the UK’s role and influence in the region. The parliamentarians emphasize that unconditional support for Morocco is a responsibility and an urgent necessity for regional security.

British parliamentarians, led by Sir Liam Fox MP, advocate for the swift recognition of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan as the only viable solution to the Sahara conflict, underscoring its importance for regional and international stability and prosperity.