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Casablanca Eye Center, the new Zeiss reference ophthalmology center

The economic capital of the Kingdom witnesses the inauguration of the first Casablanca Eye Center, a state-of-the-art ophthalmology clinic. Located in the CIL district, 52 Ifrane Street, the center provides quality eye care on a 1200 m² built space spread across 4 levels of medical facilities.

With experienced human capital, Casablanca Eye Center engages around thirty external physicians who conduct consultations and surgical procedures within the center. A skilled administrative team, operating room nurses, and versatile nurses ensure optimal service quality and serene patient support.

Casablanca Eye Center revolves around three activity poles: the consultations and explorations pole, the surgical pole for outpatient treatment, and the “refractive surgery” excellence pole.

Firstly, the consultations pole is equipped with specific tools for all types of ophthalmological diagnoses and specialized equipment for treating various eye pathologies. Secondly, the surgical pole stands out for its treatment capacity (on average 02 hours between patient arrival and discharge) for surgeries such as cataract, strabismus, chalazion, pterygium, entropion, glaucoma, and eyelids (including aesthetic eye treatments). Finally, the “refractive surgery” pole addresses the increasing demand from patients looking to eliminate the need for glasses.

Through its partnership with the German giant Zeiss, Casablanca Eye Center has access to the latest technologies for eye consultation, treatment, and surgery. The clinic boasts three Zeiss visuMax laser machines of different generations for the Smile technique, Zeiss forum software with artificial intelligence. To ensure quality services, the clinic’s entire range of services is integrated and managed by a powerful ophthalmology software well-known in the ophthalmological community.

This new generation of equipment available to ophthalmic surgeons positions Casablanca Eye Center as a globally recognized Zeiss reference center. The “live without glasses” and “aesthetic eye” concepts offer patients better results and an appropriate quality/price ratio.

Furthermore, the clinic has agreements with public and private partners (CNOPS, CNSS, CMIM, Groupe OCP/SAHAM ASSURANCES, BP, MCMA, RMA, ATLANTA, SANAD, AXA). Finally, Casablanca Eye Center is actively involved with numerous associations, particularly with the ALBASSAR association, combating the leading cause of blindness – cataracts.

About Casablanca Eye Center:

Casablanca Eye Center is a Zeiss reference clinic distinguished by its commitment to quality eye care. Occupying a built area of 1200 m² on 4 levels, the center has qualified and experienced surgeons, physicians, and nurses. The administrative staff is dedicated to transparent management and human-centered patient care. Casablanca Eye Center is equipped with the latest technologies to accommodate a significant number of patients simultaneously, providing a welcoming and secure environment. The ophthalmology center is a professional and welcoming platform designed to support ophthalmologists, whether young practitioners seeking to develop their skills or experienced professionals desiring an environment conducive to excellence.

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