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The twenty-third edition of the National Film Festival in Tangiers

Marieme Ismaili Alaoui: Trainee Journalist

The Moroccan Film Center announced, in a statement, the organization of the twenty-third session of the National Film Festival in Tangiers, in cooperation with professionals in the film sector, during the period from October 6 to 14, 2023.
According to the Center’s statement, the program includes four competitions for this session, which are the Feature Narrative Film Competition, the Feature Documentary Film Competition, and the Narrative and Short Documentary Film Competition. Participating films will be selected by committees whose formation will be announced later, in addition to a new competition for films from film schools and institutes in Morocco. . These schools and institutes propose to the Organizing Committee the best film to graduate from the achievement of their students for the 2022-2023 season. The last date for receiving the registration form for competition films has been set on August 15th.
The same report added that the “Panorama” section was devoted to showing seven films that will be selected from among the films registered to participate in the Feature Narrative Film Competition and the Feature Documentary Film Competition.
The same source stated that the festival will also be an opportunity to celebrate the National Cinema Day, and a space for meeting, discussion and exchange of opinion by organizing intellectual and press seminars, and an occasion to honor national cinematic figures, and to value the work of the Moroccan cinematic treasury.

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