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The Attijariwafa bank Foundation launches a new exhibition: “Mix & Match: Yesterday’s influences, tomorrow’s inspiration»

The Attijariwafa bank Foundation is launching a new art exhibition called : “Mix &Match : yesterday’s influences, tomorrow’s inspiration”, from September 26th to   November 17th, 2023  at the Actua* art space.

Drawing once again on its collection and on the work of students in its educational program “Arts Academy” **, the Foundation is offering its public an unprecedented visual show in which Jilali Gharbaoui’s abstract, frank, and nervous expression in raw colours blends with Ahmed Ben Yessef’s realism and expressionism in a tone of peace and defence of freedom, and Fatima Hassan El Farouj’s fluid lines, painting and saturation of space.

Open to the public with a cultural animation, this exhibition is part of a series of thematic explorations led by the Art & Culture department of the Attijariwafa bank Foundation. The aim is to make the Group’s rich collection even more accessible to the public and to highlight the artistic potential of the students’ part of the educational program “Arts Academy”, which has been running for over a decade and has benefited thousands of lauréats.

“Mix & Match” acts as a mirror, representing on the one hand works with more than half a century of creativity, freshness, and originality, signed by artists from the School of Sign and Lettrism, via so-called naive and spontaneous painting… And on the other hand, reflects the overflowing creativity of a youth supported and trained thanks to the Attijariwafa bank Foundation in the fundamentals of plastic expression, combining calligraphy, symbols, pop art, figuration, and visual abstraction.

“Mix & Match” is also conceived as a crossroads in time, with works by masters created between 1981 and 2007, and works produced by the students of the “Arts Academy” program from the classes of 2011 to 2020. These students were largely inspired by the retrospectives devoted to Ahmed Ben Yessef (2011), Hassan El Glaoui (2010), Mehdi Qotbi (2013) and Chaïbia (2019).

The exhibition is open to the public free of charge. For group guided tours, the Attijariwafa bank Foundation invites the public to send an email to the following address:ac****************@at**********.com

*Actua Art Space. 60, rue d’Alger – Casablanca. Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm, until November 17th 2023. Free entrance.

**”Arts Academy” is a program driven and run by the Attijariwafa bank Foundation in partnership with the Regional Education Academy (AREF) in schools in Casablanca, with a view to supporting art and its dissemination for the benefit of students in public schools. This civic initiative provides theoretical and practical training in three artistic disciplines – visual expression, writing and multimedia – over a two-year period. It is aimed at around a hundred secondary school students in Casablanca.

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