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Spain Strengthens Tech Ties with Morocco

Spain is deepening its technological collaboration with Morocco by delivering cutting-edge advancements to vital sectors of the North African country’s economy. Javier Ponce, the Managing Director of the Spanish Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI), underscored this commitment during a recent seminar in Rabat titled “Entrepreneurial Innovation Supporting Investment.”

Ponce affirmed, “The CDTI is ready to incorporate new information technologies into Moroccan infrastructure, automotive manufacturing, and agriculture.” Over the past three years, a total of 5 million euros has been invested in twenty distinct CDTI initiatives.

The seminar drew participation from around thirty representatives of public and private organizations from both nations, with a primary focus on pivotal sectors for the economy, including automotive manufacturing and logistics. While Morocco leads the continent in automobile manufacturing, Spain holds the second position in the European Union. Both countries boast extensive airport and port networks, necessitating advanced logistical capabilities.

Ponce further emphasized agriculture as a sector demanding heightened collaboration to advance technological management and address challenges posed by climate change. He noted, “Spain ranks third globally for agritech companies” and highlighted the impending European Union ban on chemical fertilizers from 2030. To transition production to the use of biostimulants, sophisticated IT capabilities will be essential.

José Manuel Durán, the North Africa and Middle East Delegate of the CDTI, revealed that the Spanish organization has provided budgetary support for twenty Moroccan initiatives, amounting to 5.3 million euros over the preceding three years. The collaboration seeks to foster innovation and strengthen ties between the two nations in key economic sectors.

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