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Oprah’s Magical Trip in Marrakech

Marieme Ismaili Alaoui: Trainee Journalist

The famous American presenter, Oprah Winfrey, expressed her astonishment and admiration for Marrakech and the magic of the city, and documented all this with posts on social media sites.
Winfrey stated that two days in the Red City is not at all enough time for a cultural experience of this magnificence, but on the other hand, it was enough time for her to discover the “Souk Semmarine” and eat a Moroccan meal in a traditional tent.
Also, Oprah talked about her fascination with the art of making carpets, especially since they are made with the cooperation of 360 women, and of course Winfrey did not neglect to express her enjoyment of dancing all night.
It is noteworthy that a video of this famous presenter dancing to the tune of “Dakka Marrakchia” has swept social networking sites and garnered many views.

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