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“International Symposium on Writing in the Media Context Honors Mohammed Al-Qassimi and Ahmed El Ghazi at Ibn Tofail University”

The international symposium entitled “Writing in the Media Context Between Imagination, Literature, and Digital Virtuality” was held on March 18th, 2023, at Ibn Tofail University. The event was a major academic gathering that brought together distinguished professionals in journalism and media studies to pay homage to the influential contributions of Mohammed Al-Qassimi to the field of journalism. The symposium provided a platform for scholars, journalists, and practitioners to examine the constantly evolving landscape of journalism. The celebration included a special tribute to Professor Mohammed El Qassimi, director of the Laboratory of Literary, Linguistic, Information, and Communication Sciences at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, and Professor Ahmed El Ghazi, founder of the arts and media branch at the Faculty of Languages, Letters, and Arts. Although Professor Ahmed El Ghazi could not attend, his recognition was represented by Professor Hicham Ben El Hachemi, President of the Arts and Media branch of the university. The symposium served as a forum to discuss some of the most significant challenges and obstacles faced by writers and journalists in contemporary times.

The first session of the conference, “Journalistic history… from the pyramid to virtuality,” was an insightful exploration of the evolution of journalistic practices from ancient times to the present day. The session was led by some of the most distinguished journalists and academics in the field, including Mohammed Karim Boukhssas, Mohammed Ahaddad, and Abdessamad Jattioui.

The second session, “Spaces of creativity in journalistic writing,” was a thought-provoking discussion on the various ways in which journalists can exercise their creative freedom in their writing. The session featured the participation of Mohammed Zohri, Ismail Azzam, and Ayoub Errimi, who provided valuable insights on the subject.

The third session, “Interactive audience and intertwined writing,” delved into the complexities of writing for an interactive audience in today’s digital age. The session featured the expertise of Montasser Marai, Fadwa Kamal, and Devin Windelspecht, Managing editor at IJNet, who shared their experiences and perspectives on the challenges of writing in a rapidly changing media landscape.

The closing session of the conference was a memorable one, as students from the specialized master’s degree in new media and digital marketing presented a reading of the book “Narrative in Journalism” by Mohamed Ahaddad. The presentation was a fitting tribute to the theme of the conference, and a testament to the importance of promoting critical thinking and scholarly debate in the field of journalism.

Overall, the conference was a resounding success and a testament to the growing importance of media studies and digital marketing in today’s world. The collaboration between Ibn Tofail University, Al Jazeera Media Institute, and the “Difafe” Forum for Media Studies and Presentation Arts served to highlight the university’s commitment to promoting academic excellence and innovation in the field of journalism.

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