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“Ashora” in Morocco…. Rituels and Traditions

Marieme Ismaili Alaoui: Trainee Journalist

Today coincides with the tenth day of the Hijri month “Muharram”, which is called “Ashura” in Morocco. A day of joy, fun and entertainment for Moroccans, a day marked by the diverse customs and traditions in Morocco that distinguish it from other Islamic countries.
In general, the atmosphere begins with the beginning of the Hijri month and ends on the tenth day, and what distinguishes most of these days is the popular markets full of dried fruits and sweets, and the shops are filled with toys that Moroccan families are keen to acquire for their children in order to make them happy, also Moroccans race to acquire what is called “Tarija” ; A popular musical instrument made of clay and leather and comes in different colors, and It is an authentic Moroccan musical heritage.
On the ninth day of the month, the kids of the neighborhoods light a fire called “Sha’ala” and race by jumping around without paying attention to the dangers resulting from it.
On the tenth day, the expected day، called “Zamzam”, and it is an old habit in which people throw cold water at each other, to end the day with a meal of couscous in which the “meat of Qedid” is cooked, which is prepared from of Eid al-Adha and stored until the day of “Ashura”.
And Moroccan families are eager on this day to have an evening banquet with Moroccan tea and dry fruits, also, in this evening these sweets are divided among children in order to bring pleasure to them, this behavior will develop the spirit of hospitality and participation among children.
It is noteworthy that the religious aspect is also present, as Moroccan families are keen to fast the ninth and tenth days of the month of “Muharram”.

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